Ukrainian Israel Innovation Summit 2020

Ukrainian Israeli Innovation Summit 2020

We are pleased to invite you to the Ukrainian Israeli Innovation Summit 2020 | anti-pandemic tech event | a third international tech conference aimed to deep dive into the challenges and opportunities created by the pandemic crisis, spotlighting breakthrough technologies and creating international innovation access to fighting the Pandemic.
Jon Medved, CEO, OurCrowd will be giving a keynote at 1:30pm IL.
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October 27, 2020 | Kyiv – Tel-Aviv
Key topics:
  • Ukrainian-Israeli cooperation during the pandemic in numbers
  • Ukrainian-Israeli Response to Covid-19: Government, Healthcare, and Technology on the Frontlines
  • Investing in a Time of Crisis: the transformation of the venture investing landscape after Fighting the Pandemic 2020
  • New Normal of Startups reality: navigating Startup Investments Through the Corona Crisis
  • Rethinking Innovation: The Post-COVID Cooperation
Speakers and guests: top-tier speakers from the Ukrainian and Israeli tech industry, key players in the fields of cyber security, telemedicine, healthcare, digital health startups and venture capital, government officials and corporates.
Participants: Investors, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, corporate executives, Ukraine Embassy representatives, Israeli Embassy representatives, Export Promotion Office, UA tech companies, IL tech companies, product-oriented and outsourcing ІТ companies, startups