Ukraine is interested in an effective cyber partnership with Israel

Alyona Novgorodskaya, CEO and co-founder of the Global Israel Initiative Business Platform, held a working meeting between leading experts in the field of cybersecurity in Israel and Ukraine. Ram Levi was present from the Israeli side. Ram Levy is a leading expert on Israeli cybersecurity, an adviser to the Israeli Prime Minister's Office on Cyber ​​Security. He is currently a cyber advisor to the National Research and Development Council of Tel Aviv University.
The Ukrainian side was represented by Dr. Yegor Aushev - CEO and co-founder of the CyberUnit.Tech technology cluster. Yegor is a leading cybersecurity expert in Ukraine who has promoted the concept and legal use of Ethical Hackers, in particular for critical infrastructure. In addition, he has co-authored several international working papers on legislative reforms in the field of cybersecurity in Ukraine and has spoken at more than 50 conferences. Yegor Aushev has a doctorate in high energy physics. "The new reality requires the construction of a systemic model of countering attacks in the digital space. That is why it is important to create coordinated international cooperation between Ukraine and Israel," said Alyona Novgorodskaya.
The parties discussed a number of issues related to joint projects in the field of maritime cybersecurity, the construction of secure airports, as well as activities within the Ukrainian-Israeli Forum 2021. Following the working meeting, a plan of further steps for the development of cooperation in the field of cyber defense and cyber security between our countries was agreed upon.