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Who we are

Global Israeli Initiative (GII) - is a transformation agency, which helps companies to be innovative & grow at scale, using unique Israeli insights and technologies. We build bridges between Israeli and Ukrainian tech ecosystems, enhance government relations between countries, promote productive cooperation between businesses and investors.

Our services
B2B Lead Generation
Israel Innovation Business Tours
Corporate Innovations
Innovation ecosystem development projects
Tech business diplomacy

GII in figures

2,5 years on the market
500+ organized tailored b2b offline-meetings
10 organized innovation tech tours
5 large scale Ukrainian-Israeli tech Summits
10 000+ professional network
Getting high-quality leads is crucial to run an effective business. We leverage precise targeting and latest technology to generate leads, qualify and develop them through the buyer's journey.
Starting from 2012 our team used lead generation techniques in our projects. We found SQL's for Global Management Challenge competition, mentors for Happy Farm Business Incubator, startups for venture funds, corporate clients and accelerators, speakers for more then 10 conferences in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, USA, Israel, big corporate customers for our partners and clients in GII. Scouting for the tailored people with the right contacts, approaching with targeted messages and resulting with sales and collaboration - have always been our super power in project execution.

Now it's the time we launch our super power openly.
Let's grow & innovate together!
Story behind
B2B Lead Generation - human-driven and machine-powered b2b lead generation services. Working with qualified Sales Development Representatives and Database Researchers, we've developed an enhanced pre-sales program that delivers an enriched flow of leads and increases sales pipeline.
B2B Lead Generation Solutions

B2B Leads Research

Analyzing the market
Assessing the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
Selecting the companies in the need of your product/service according to ICP
Looking for decision-makers
Checking the validity of the contact details
Providing you with access to the database

Appointment Setting (including B2B Leads Research)

Developing personalized scripts for email-campaign
Mailbox Setup-fine-tuning your business mailbox for maximum efficiency
Anti-spam technology-sending the templates to dedicated mailboxes with various email hosts, lowering the spam rating with that particular provider;
A/B Testing-analyzing the stats to identify your best-performing email templates
Active email-based mailing to potential customers
Follow Ups, Negotiations, qualification of sales leads
Setting up a calls / appointments in your calendar
Handing the hot leads over to close the deal
STEP 1 Discovery
STEP 2 Kick-off
STEP 3 Research
How it works
STEP 4 Outreach
We build up your target audience, using Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
questionnaire. Setting up the team for your kick-off.
We build up your your prospect list according to ICP. Setting up necessary integrations with emails, CRM's, testing spam filters. Creating scripts for your campaigns.
Reach out to prospects, using personalised approach, follow-ups and online-negotiations with your potential customers in order to qualify SQL's.
We diving into your business, needs, developing strategy & goals. Confirming terms of collaboration.
STEP 5 Appointments
We book the meetings with your Sales or Engagement managers (calendar invites, rescheduling and confirmations) and transfer communication details we had with prospects.


  • Dedicated Researcher and Sales Development
  • Representative
  • Reach out to 200 prospects
  • Data Base with 200 prospects
  • Script development
  • A/B testing with messages and CTA
  • Anti-spam filters set up
  • Appointments with SQL's

*available for the new clients as starting offer

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  • Dedicated Researcher and Sales Development
  • Representative
  • Script development
  • Anti-spam filters set up
  • Reach out to 1000 prospects
  • A/B testing with messages and CTA
  • Reports
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  • Dedicated Researcher
  • 2 Sales Development Representatives
  • Account Manager
  • Data Base - from 1000 prospects
  • Script development
  • Anti-spam filters set up
  • Reach out to prospects
  • A/B testing with messages and CTA
  • Respond to all messages
  • Follow-ups and full view of every prospect conversations
  • Booking meetings with SQL's
  • Weekly reports

Price TBD
*available for 3-months

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  • Dedicated Researcher
  • Data Base with 1000 prospects
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When can we help
When you need to extend your sales team.
When you looking for cost-efficient pre-sales team (researcher, SDR, technical specialist, copywriter).
When you need to free up your engagement team, focused on closing the deal.
When you have a pipeline challenges and need to grow your sales pipeline at scale.
When you need to identify high-quality SQL's ready to talk and don't waste the time on qualification calls.
When you want to scale your startup - introduce your product into the new market.
When you need pre-sales process set up & consulting.
When you need a flexible strategy to appeal to potential customers (business pipeline and outreach tactics optimisation).
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Alyona Novgorodskaya
Phone: +972 53 339 80 74
E-mail: an@gii.global
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CEO & Founder @ Global Israeli Initiative
Tanya Romanyukha
Alex Molodik
COO & Co-founder @ Global Israeli Initiative
CAO @ Global Israeli Initiative

E-mail: romanyukha.tanya@gmail.com
Phone: +972 50 924 85 66
E-mail: am@gii.global